Friday, September 07, 2007

Post Titled: Scheisse mal 2

rookie blogger Bubba posted a poem in his blog Tenfootman recently which I keep going back to read:

"Buy, Always Consume

Buy, buy more than you can
consume. Consume. Fuck over
any relationship.
Step on everything and always
buy everything up. Carry home
as much as you can.
Stuff, stuff yourself with greed.
Don't look anybody in
the eyes.
Surround yourself with high walls
so neither grass nor human
voices can reach you;
sink, sink into shit as deep
as you can go.
You must be on your guard;
buy away, carry it home
always consume.
Look around, make sure
they're not robbing you;
any flower
any plant...
Buy, always buy
carry home
more than you can carry;
consume, consume
sink, sink into the shit,
shit shit shit."

-Ferruccio Brugnaro (I assume it was translated from italian? keine ahnung)

The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of the last time I saw radiohead... at the White River Ampitheatre out in the middle of Auburn nowhere, Washington State... oh, wait, correction, it is on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, maybe my white guilt prevents me from ever enjoying anything there... even surrounded by good friends, going to see one of my favorite bands, but the absolute commercialisation of the venue and the faschist staff just put a huge damper on the whole thing. Not at all like the gorgeous Gorge in George, WA. Even if it is opressive and commercial in its own right, the location and view make-up for it, so that pretty muchis beautiful no matter what... even if you are seeing boring borrring ol' Dave Matthews... (blasphemy)
the Gorge:

hmm... off topic:
Q: Is blogging really just 21st century poetry? (double blasphem!)

OH, and then to make this post even less depressing there are yesterday's word's of wisdom from our commander-in-chief:Bush on Iraq: "We're Kicking Ass." from CNN political ticker blog- (cnn uses wordpress? wierd)


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