Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Post Titled: Follow-up racist German post
"Germany: Mob Attacks Greeks in Berlin

Published: October 2, 2007

The police said they had arrested 11 members of a mob that shouted xenophobic slurs and attacked three Greeks at a gas station in eastern Berlin over the weekend. A police spokesman said at least 13 attackers punched and kicked two Greek men while hurling insults at them for being foreigners. The attackers pushed and shoved the victims’ Greek female companion but did not injure her. The attack occurred just weeks after a mob of 50 people shouting racial insults attacked eight Indians near Dresden."

Condensed version of conversation with Nadine on the matter:
ME:This is too bad, why do you think it happens/is happening.
Her: People are frustrated.
-I don't know, maybe they feel trapped in their lives...

It is just ironic, last week journalist Adam Goldmann was talking about his impressions of a recent trip to India- how half of Bombay's 18 million population is homeless... (I can't substantiate that) but just think about that- 9 million is basically 10% of the German population... which brings me back to the same damn issue I visit every few months in this blog:
Germany is land of plenty and has an amazing quality of life in comparison to the vast majority of the rest of the world... so why do so many people here act/seem/ pretend to be so miserable?
A paradox for sure.


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