Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Being John Malkovich

's VAIO Ad
DISCLAIMER: BEWAAARE this is nothing but an ad campaign trying to get you to buy a SONY VAIO computer. John Malkovich is a paid actor-advertiser! don't fall for it... err, whatever. Anyhow, HERE is John Malkovich talking about the word "dude." and it is... well, hypnotically silly. Any press is good press and I am giving this press in my own right. No, I am commenting on the use of a semi-popular and respected actor as a tool for advertisers,... I think. Don't get me wrong, I loved John Malkovich in that jewel-thief movie...

"“The school I went to was in a town called Normal”.

John is the least ordinary man you could ever meet. He’s someone that wonders in the everyday and revels in the unique. One of John’s many passions is architecture and it’s obvious that he has an eye for beautiful design. Maybe that’s what attracted him to the Vaio TZ. The sleek, flat styling of its carbon fibre finish and the sensuality of its ergonomic keyboard are a triumph of form and function in harmony."

here is the main page where you can select from many many different subtitles...
www.vaio-john.com and listen to Mr. Malkovich soothingly drone on about his... artsy worldview... while gripping and caressing his VAIO. (psst, SONY can feel free to toss me some cash for writing about this if they'd like (or deleting it or watever, as always- I am open to bribes)and "Hi" yea, I know you are reading this to report on your ROI)
M'k... Honestly, I DO think it is an interesting campaign and and and honestly I will never buy a VAIO- so it isn't as if it were advertising kryptonite to my weak-willed inner consumer drone...
BUT more importantly, this is just another situation in which someone you kinda maybe like and respect... kinda goes to the Dark Side... like, HOW entertained was I to see Wes Anderson directing that American Express commercial? That ad was clearly marketed towards ME, me and every other 20-30 year old with some-any-old amount of disposable income and an exposed area of neck ripe for the lifelong financial chopping block.

and before that MODEST MOUSE in that Nissan COMMERCIAL- which used this song (although I can't find the actual commercial)

jesus, it is no wonder... well, I mean, ooof- my weak scattered argument here on a Tuesday morning... the Philips ads with the Beatles songs... we just /err- I just) have to get used to the fact that in this all-in-one G.U.T. Pop-existence... marketing departments are sniffing around for what's cool and good just like we are...


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