Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post Titled: THE RZA in WIRED
I couldn't remember when or where I had posted the post about Wu-Tang with the fake bar graph, but the amazing WIRED article this morning full of the RZA's little audio clips and the exact soundbyte references to the Kung FU films from which he samples reminded me, so... lik eI said, I couln't remember what YEAR I had even made that Wu-Tang Graphic so I attempted to google "TAR ART RAT WU-TANG" and on the results page I found myself in the middle of a gibberish blog:
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agement Associated Content ugo networks Nuclear War msie6 eau, motionmaker program Sheen Lee gas?language=it dezinerfolio. The Badge colt brennan swing set DC protest rubber shoes Tar Art Rat Foundation IGCC webmastertools mordhot Behind the walls of Ward 54. church hierarchy director business skip wireless_and_mobile docom yuki. F210 critical race theory lightforce hispano Saint-Ouen selling sunglasses alumni Patarkatsishvili letter bsnl Ryan Giggs Topical Search black plants standard time rooster.
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The relation such junk has to cut-up beat stuff has always been a source of great irony to me... robotic beat poetry which we go to great lengths to ignore adn which is designed for the soul purpose of tricking spam filters and...
I just remembered that Paul Diddy made t-shirts based on this gibberish which read: "EXTREME DADAISM"


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