Friday, December 07, 2007

Post Titled: Another Radio Morning
RadioalarmSUMMARYouch: Good morning-Rod Stewart playsd somthing obnoxious even though
somtimes I like himthen maybe some Barry WHite (at7:21am!!)woa-man, then you are going to
tell us that a woman was found this morning -a 24year old woman found dead
in ther apartment with her dead baby and then bodies were found in the trans and
yesterday morning it was a n 81-one year old man was runover by the streetcar and nobody is really sure why imagine living 81 years just to be runddown
by a streetcar and they say "nobody knows why"...

At Work:
the Guardian review of Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams
"Then Raekwon weighed in, He also... alleged financial irregularities. In fact, what he actually said was, "I'm getting beat like a ho," before embarking on a puzzling exploration of the ethics of theft - "don't rob me, because I never robbed anybody, or if I did rob anybody, it's because I thought they needed to get robbed""


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