Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post Titled: A Note on the State of the Blog.

Readers may have notices a lack of posting, this is because I have started journaling again. The double edged sword of journaling again is there is a good chance that no one will ever read what I write, but that also gives me the freedom to be much more honest and personal. Things that go in the journal would never go in the blog and pretty much vice versa.

I cut back journaling in favor of blogging because I was excited about the fact that people couldactually read what I wrote, and I still am, but lately I am just feeling the need for pen and ink.
ALSO, while reading Everything is Miscellaneous, which NK got me for Christmas, the issue of paper (and) using atoms or atomy things to store information- well, just having thing written on paper- how that is important. All of my journals for the past 8 years have been in archival ink of acid-free paper. However, that acid-free paper is subject to water and (god forbid) fire damage or destruction. The digital information, well, heck, I have written plays and short stories which are saved or burned to discs somewhere adn long since forgotten, and in that sense they are lost in a way... which makes me wonder about all the digital photos I#ve taken... are digital photos really most valuable in those first seconds or minutes after you take them and people huddle to review them- is that their real lifespan?


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Blogger jesika said...

i love is hard to maintain both! sadly, i can't find mine in my mountains of boxes!

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