Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post Titled: Things we are subject to.

APPLE just presented the Macbook Air, which is creepily thin, like a supermodel or hollywood type with an eating disorder.

British American Tobacco are whiney bitches because this idea is pretty great.

SLATE ASKS: "Nabokov wanted his final, unfinished work destroyed. Should his son get out the matches?" uhm... that's heavy.

we are afraid of the world and/or the world makes us afraid.

Roget's New Millenniumâ„¢ Thesaurus - Cite This Source - Share This

Main Entry: coward
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: afraid person
Synonyms: alarmist, baby*, big baby, caitiff, chicken*, chicken liver*, chicken-heart, craven, cur, dastard, deserter, faint-of-heart, fraidy cat, funk, gutless*, gutless wonder, invertebrate*, jellyfish*, lily-liver, malingerer, milksop, milquetoast, mollycoddle, mouse*, nerd, pessimist, poltroon, punk, quitter, rabbit*, recreant, scaredy-cat, shirk, shirker, sissy, skulker, sneak, turkey, weak sister, weakling, white liver*, yellow*, yellow-belly
Antonyms: daredevil, hero, stalwart


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