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Post Titled: „Good Morning.“ „No.“ „Oh.“
Post Subtitled: How did I manage to write this long-ass post?

Disclaimer: this post is probably really only of interest to me. And it isn’t even that interesting to me. Let's call it half-waking-emotional-documentation meets memory and personal-historical recall, like „let’s make some sense of life today!, Ok? Let's go!“
(20 MIN LATER...Oh wait, I take that back, do read, there are some things of interest afterall...)

0. Woke up extra early, and realized that waking up extra early just gives one that much more time to be late to work. I read some more of „Everything is Miscellaneous“ which NK bought me for Christmas, really entertaining read – thus far it is about the modern history and theory of information organisation, but I am only on page 32. He just talked about Mortimer Adler, who was founder of the Aspen Institute- I wonder if that ist he same Aspen Institut out on the Island in the Wannsee where I saw Stuart Bowen speak last November- or... well, how many Aspen Institutes can there be, really? Anyhow, the Founder is a man named Mortimer Adler, who worked on the first
0.1 in looking at both Stuart Bowen and Mortimer Adler’s wikipedia pages, I kind of wonder if books like „Everything is Miscellaneous“ couldn’t just be written (errh, „written“) by just being a (hyper)linked list, or if there was a program with which you could create an e-book like text by making a sort of „playlist“ of the paragraphs or pages, hmm. To avoid copyright issues I wonder if the text couldn’t be embedded via code- like how I have many of my images in the blog hosted on flickr or photobucket, but the html just makes them visible in the blog even though they aren’t REALLY technically uploaded there. Perhaps this is just lazy.

1.0 With the new seating arrangement at work, I always have the peripheral impression that people are standing up and walking over to talk or visit with me, and seconds later it turns out that they are just coming to throw something away because the only rubbish bin is by my desk.

2.0 Iowa. Hm. New Hampshire, hmm. Hmmmm... hm. quote rippd from Fox: "Clinton had scored 39 percent , Obama nipped at her heels, getting 36 percent ...Clinton’s pivotal moment can be marked at a point less than 24 hours before the voting began, say several political observers who traced it to a campaign stop in Portsmouth. It was there the New York senator’s voice took on a feminine vulnerability after she was asked to respond to a question about how she copes with the hectic schedule.
“This is very personal for me,” Clinton answered her questioner in a soft, weepy voice. “It’s not just political, it’s not just public. I see what’s happening, we have to reverse it.”
That response led the top of the newscasts around the nation Monday night. While people watched with mixed reactions, for many, Clinton suddenly stopped being a calculating, power-hungry cyclops and took on actual humanity.
“Hillary Clinton shows some emotion and (people) say, wait a minute, the ice queen is melting and there is a real person inside,” said Juan Williams, FOX News contributor and correspondent for National Public Radio."

3.0I plugged in my (own) external hard trive to my (work) laptop this morning and voilà, suddenly I am listening to the audio of „Zug Des Lebens“, a Klaus Kinski film- via Windows Media Player- which found the entire audio track on my external hard drive... so, that is kind of fascinating... and could get used to just listening to a movies sound at work.
AMMENDED 5 HOURS LATER: Correction, Kinski is not in this movie because he died 7 yeard before it was made, and the IMDB keyword listing for it is fascinating:
* Beautiful Woman
* Female Nudity
* Holocaust
* Jewish
* Nazi
* Train
* Eastern Europe
* Escape
* Palestine
* Tragicomedy
* Twist In The End

3.1Growing up I was never allowed to watch R-Rated movies, so instead, would just have all the kids at school tell me about them- but in excruciating detail- and then using the images from the previews/trailers I would build the entire movie in my mind. I have never seen „Robocop“ or „Alive“ (or even Tim Burton's "Batman" when it came out, -dute to the PG-13 rating) but I can remember them as if I had seen them, entire sets and scenes- actors in dramatic moments, great plane crashes and tragedies, & robot fights all build out of mere evidence- indeed, it is all there- slapped together in a marketing-meets-oral-tradition sort of way. This went of for a long time, and honestly I didn’t see "Terminator 2" until college, when the „real“ images and story of James Cameron’s Terminator 2 were added to my mind- not replacing what I thought it was, but being saved separately and supplimenting the first initial uploaded impressions, so the film now exists in these two ways form me- as a DIY story based on the highlights of which parts friend chose to relate as being „cool“ and which highlights marketing chose to show me as „cool“ and all the rest filled in with great patience as/after I would finally get some poor dork to spend all of lunch and recess relating every detail of the film(s).
3.2 Regarding details, there was a blub-report, or a real-life „SPAM“ I happened to glance at on the Berliner Fenster TV in U-Bahn train this morning which said something about Britney being on a „Doping-mittel für pferde“ („doping-substance for horses“) –and this is a reoccuring thing- this lack of detail or rather this choice to just ignore certain clarifications when it comes to stars and celebs on drugs and how it is reported. Ok, for example, usually the reporting is extremely vague, especially in the German press: „Britney arrested while on Drugs“ for example- ok, but WHAT drugs? Like, if she were simply "drunk" most people have a point of reference for that. But, for example, with drugs it is much more compley- like, if she was stoned then it is a world of difference from being on robitussin or crystal meth. I mean, come on- be specific. It makes a difference. And even when there IS specific information, it is misleading- for example the horse-doping mittel is probably much better known as „Special K“ or „K“ – nicknames for the drug properly known as „Ketamine“- and to simply call it a Horse-doping mittel seems a bit silly. I have had personal accounts from two people (as well as the lovely CocoRosie song „K-Hole“) as points of reference for what Ketamine actually does to the human mind, and it sounds terrifying. To quote wikipedia: „effects include changes in the perception of distances, relative scale, colour and durations/time, as well as a slowing of the visual system's ability to update what the user is seeing. There are reports of high-dosage users being able to see their surroundings in two sharp images, as if the brain is unable to merge the images each eye is sending. Speech often sounds unintelligible i.e. alogia, and auditory hallucinations may occur. At high doses sounds can be out of sync with the user's visual field.
Ketamine produces a dissociative state, characterised by a sense of detachment from one's physical body and the external world. At sufficiently high doses (e.g. 150 mg intramuscular), users may experience what is coined the "K-hole", a state of dissociation whose effects are thought to mimic the phenomenology of schizophrenia. This may include distortions in bodily awareness, such as the feeling that one's body is being tugged, or is gliding on silk, flying, or has grown very large or distended. Users often report feeling more skeletal or becoming more aware of their bones - the shape of their hands is also often of interest.“

3.3 Führther adventure in the U-Bahn: there is a guy MEASURING the stairs in the station, MEASURING the height of each stair... which reminded me of cONAN o'BRIAN's
(or perhaps HERE also.
which has been described as "Billig, niveaulos, amerikanisch" in a commentary, for which I can provide no defense, but then again- Harald Schmidt has been known to blatantly steal from Conan over the years... so, whatevah.

4.0 as a „Good Morning" note for NK I keyed her iTunes with a note on the computer which said „Press Play“- cheesy I know, but then this song plays or played---

Actually, I like KanYe's lyrics, much more than one would expect from the average pop-hop song.

4.1 Particularly powerful episode of This American Life about current Muslim-american issues, HERE


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