Monday, January 07, 2008

Post Titled: Maximum Black Festival OR Maximum Blackmail Festival
this is kind of badass- ripped from LAST.FM
"Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy will be curating the Maximum Black Festival in London, Berlin and Vienna in February/March 2008 supported, strangely, by the Vienna Public Utilities company.

Vienna Public Utilties approached Final Fantasy in the hope of using their track “This is the song of Win & Regine” for their ad campaign. When Pallet turned them down, the company approached another band and asked them to record a similar song that ended up as a nearly identical cover, which the company then used.

Pallett used the threat of legal action to twist the company’s arm into backing his festival, Maximum Black."

So the Dirty Projectors will be back in town, along with Six Organs of Admittance, which sounds like the name of a Matthew Barney piece, but which Tod swears are "soul-searing"

So, I got switched to a new computer at work, which is great- is is a laptop which is 5 times faster than the junker PC I was on last year, BUT it has this weird thing where when I stream radio online everyone sounds linke Mooninites. Even Nick Cave. Dammit.
P.S., these are mooninites:

(Awesome, let's go!)

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