Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Post Titled: New Obama Girl video
NOTE: this is posted out of some wierd sense of duty, like because it is doomed to become popular and it was recently released I must post it, -acknowledge it... self-imposed peer pressure.
Q: What kind of bullshit is that?
A: That is some real bullshit.

Post Subtitled: Speaking to both the Mammal and the Reptile core of the brain.
harsh. better than the first. kitschy. and Obama girl... still of in/undeterminate ethnicity and still (aesthetically) very Maxim-oriented.
So, here is:"Hillary! Stop the attacks!" Love, Obama Girl

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Blogger paul said...

ok, so that's truly one of the more disturbing things i've ever seen.. i feel like I coined the term 'obama-nation' but i guess it was ready and waiting. it's funny though, because 'abomination' means 'to hate' and 'Anything associated with the worship of other gods and any behavior that perverts the lifestyle God intended human beings to live' as well as 'a person who is loathsome or disgusting'.. a strange correlation between obama-nation and abomination for sure. and isn't this the nail in the coffin of the political process? i mean, sure, she's singing about super delegates, but it's sort of like an american idol 'pick me! pick me! i can sing 'the wind beneath my wings' like a mother fucker!'... perhaps we need to be structurally redefined as personalities existing within contemporary reality, because compositing one's breasts into politics as freedom is boring (taking freedom to be the assertion and overcoming of an obstacle, in this case, the space between that person and stardom).
two words: PIGGY BACK!

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