Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post Titled: sinking ship.

When I left that US in 2006 I didn't have that many hesitations, not only was I tired of the craziness and menainglessness which I felt were the backbone of daily life there but I was also fearful of real impending economic and societal collapse. After awhile- after some time away I then thought thati was paranoid and perhaps delusional to think that way... but now, somedays / sometimes I think that perhaps I was right-on. ONly time will tell, really- the United States is clever, resilient, sly, tough: a survivor BUT... but every system has its limits.

The lovely, talented and charming J.Go sent this article called The End of the World as You Know It ... and the Rise of the New Energy World Order By Michael T. Klare this morning about energy crisis from truthout. OUCH.

thankfully there is YouTube to help prevent us from crying on our keyboards- to make us forget about the world's problems for a minute or two:
Star Wars Trumpet Solo.
"They say it's from 1993 Miss Douglas County Arizona, for the Arizona State Beauty Pageant."
and another one from Ms. Mary Rinebold: Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila


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