Sunday, May 25, 2008

Post Titled: cool.
ok, these are some things which were inspired by my German radio (alarm) somewhat dumbfounded while recovering from Sat. night on a Sun. morning. I left NPR for the strange pastures of German radioland because ...listening to Prarie Home Companion ...kind of hating myself for listening to Prarie Home Companion and finding Comfort in it...
so, anyhow, German radio-, resume:
this (below video) is positively hypnotising, especially if one has kitschy emotional connections to Robbie Williams, who means every word "Real Love" ...over and over:

Note: notice lack of american tour dates, but in Europe for a several year period (late 90s-mid 00s) it was difficult to escape Robbie's music. It was on the radio, paying in the grocery store adn in the cheesy bar you ended up at-.- and then you find yourself not minding it so much...

Oh good! someone got really creative with Bryan Adams and Disney and glittery text to express hearbreak, very important part of life:

ok, and is this guy actually disabled or does he just have too much time on his hands to expirament with quarterpipes andwheelchairs?...
Backflip! -.-

wheelchair backflip

the Geman radio redeems itself:
Depeche Mode - Strange Love despite the very strange video...


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