Thursday, May 08, 2008

my awesome sister pulled through and sent me the newest MOS DEF album "TRUE MAGIC" and - well, as with The New Danger, it is hard to say how much I like it afte just 3 listens.
It is sort of a more raw and bare-boned album, a far cry from Black on Both Sides, and espcially from the aggressive lyrics and heavy guitar sounds of The New Danger.
Even the album packaging is pared-down to the bare essentials: a softer-plastic clear case with only a "EXPLICIT LYRICS" sticker on one side and a small barcode sticker on the back, then a CD inside and that is it. Might like it a lot, ask me in a week or two after I have listened to it about 25 times. Do I force myself to like it, or is it simply a matter of this music not being instantly satisfying? I find that most of the music I life long-term needs to really settle-in, actually.


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