Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post Titled: silliness in politics.
sometimes I find the strangeness of american politcs nearly impossible to explain to my German co-workers... i.e. the video my flatmate brought to my attention, MC Rove rapping and dancing:

OR Master P testifying before congress...

but, we are not alone... Ania explained of The Polish Beer-Lovers' Party (PPPP; Polish: Polska Partia Przyjaciół Piwa) was founded in 1990, one of its leaders being the satirist Janusz Rewiński. Originally, the party's goal was to promote cultural beer-drinking in English-style pubs instead of vodka and thus fight alcoholism.[1]" (wikipedia) The party which won elections and came to prominence in Poland a few years back, then sent this video
in which the personalities of Polish political figures are embodied by Muppets- Muppet Sejm IV RP:

Afera taśmowa wstrząsnęła niektórymi Muppetami. Ale niektóre próbują wyprzeć ją z pamięci. (I podziękowania dla Piwnicy pod Baranami za fantastyczną wokalizę negocjacyjną :)


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