Wednesday, May 28, 2008

un-post NOTE: Charlotte Roche post (which is a few posts down below) has been beefed-up a bit.
(and I actually spelled "feuchtgebiete" correctly this time.)

in other news, here are a few quotes from the which would otherwise be twittered:
... *clunk-ing noise and low humm which sputters-out*
ok, so... they're not here yet... dunno where they are... stil ... somewhere else... indication of my level of functionality.-
oh, here is one: "thanks for the baseball! I bought an onion last night and it was almost like a baseball, just kept tossing it up and down in my hand..."

meawhile, thanks nadinechen for the tip:

SIDENOTE: the twitter site for Paigedestroy is quite entertaining


ONE: excerpt from an email:
UNfortunately I got lost on the way back to Kreuzberg from Moabit.
FORTunately one of my favorite things to do is bikeride like a bat out of hell around cities drunk in the middle of the night with headphones. sad but true.

TWO: lucky me:

yo yo yo
no bosses in the office and nothing to do...


you should write me a poem

in polish or in english


palenie powaznie szkodzi tobie i

i osobom

w twoim



palenie tytoniu

w czasie ciazy


twojemu dziecku


is it a masterpiece?

definitely not

im a designer

END of that-

and thanks Ania also for letting me in on the
TRON ON HEROIN meets little architectural FLACHBAU MODELLS that is Jan Jelinek & Visiomat inc. - Modell Stadt Berlin, it is really hitting the spot...


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