Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Jonathan Zittrain* warns against the Internet. (my response: super antsy. squirming in chair. help.)
NOTE: Clearyl this guys ann idiot because I use the uinternet and IƤ#m just fine and as far as I can tell the innternet is just fine, too. What's trhe fuss? Ok, clearly I am spending a lot of time on Comedy Central today, but Barack Obama's Vagina totally sucked me in... (reverse-birth style.)
So, the reason why I am posting this entry is that a few weeks ago we got a review copy of this book called The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain, which sounded intriguing but I have not yet had time to read, THEN I noticed today that he was on the Colbert Report- hmm... maybe I don't have to read the book afterall... (oh, crap, is that why the internet is bringing on the apocalypse? or, at best: idiocracy? stay tuned. or tune out on YouTube or, rather, watch this video *(all joking aside, this guy kinda seems like a badass):
ok, and that is interrupted by a forced-detour pre-video ad to the Hancock site... enneybody think that is is a bit fugggin sketch that the only black superhero movie has to deal with a guy hooked on 40oz. malt liquor... or are we beyond all that now? Ok, ok- there was Spawn... whatever.

OK, moving along, I'm going to consider / start doing a song of the day using
Spray Paint (The Walls) by the Dirty Projectors

play, dammit! jeez. that player only works half the time, try the text link above-


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