Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post Titled: "No CUNTry
for Old Men."

Post Subtitled: Just ranting here, move along, folks...

"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." -John McCain.
Video by Public Service Administration.
Unfortunately, -in a a weird, removed sort of way- the fact that the word "cunt" has passed McCain's lips actually makes me like him more. (But that is only because I really didn't like him at ALL before... make any sense?) I wonder what kind of effect the YouTube video of this "cunt" incident might have on his image? Since it has already blown-up maybe... maybe the only response left is to stage and film a re-enactment! Surely that would be to their benefit, I mean, what does he have to lose? Heck- actually, it would be kind of brilliant for a candidate to stone-facedly re-enact all the moments of their life that they have been criticized for and/or which could be held against them- just get it all out fo the way in a lovely montage, then no one could hold any of those things against them because, of course, they just out-ed themselves in a comic way... i.e.: imagine: teen Barack on the beach in Hawai'i stoned out of his mind...
Oh, back on track here: other moral of the story:
the internet wins because it is not so censored... another amazing American double-standard. thanks Dan. These guys in the above video DO have a valid point, though. If you think about it---
In the coming years the FCC decency rules will probably have to crumble... right? I mean, the internet... just undoes these things... naturally. and when you have an upcoming generation who has googled "cisco adler's balls" because Sarah Silverman told them to on the MTV Music Awards, what the hell do four-letter words or boobs matter at that point? and STILL I really do love that fact that in Germany I can google "cisco adler's balls" at work and no one cares... not to tout this age-old anti-american/expat/study-abroad student line of Europe being so "liberated" or whatever, because in many ways Europe is quite unhealthily yet comfortably enslaved by social democracy and its banal fallout (dangerous? dangerous in the long-term?), BUT -nevertheless- I love how the Germans think nudity is just sort of funny and harmless. In the states I would probably have to go to gender-sensitivity gender training therapy after being fired... *blech* - I know, it is practically Neanderthal speak given what my current PC operating levels should be...
on that note there is a good post on a FISTFUL OF EUROS about... well, euro cup football. and the member-states freaking out about the EU. thanks again, Dan


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