Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Post Titled: so gay.
Post Subtitled: matmos: "here's another isn't music" berlin June 17, 2008

saw the electronic duo MATMOS last night at festsaal kreuzberg, which is the first time I#d seen them since they opened and then played with Björk at the Frankfurt Opera house in 2001. I kind of expected some intense yet brilliant sonic blippy-burpy insanity, which from the very get-go it was definitely nuts, but very much on the calm end of nuts. not what I am used to when it comes to their music and me blasting the Civil War while jig-bouncing off the walls at home, but the show was actually very subdued, chilled, chaotic as their music tends to be - but defintiely not overwhelming or dancey. nevertheless, it was well worthwhile.

here is a video someone (German, actually) made using THE STRUGGLE AGAINST UNREALITY BEGINS (from THE CIVIL WAR, 2003) unfortunately it cuts off just as the song gets good-

the boys in action a few years back:

they played this song last night(based on poor quality VHS porn/porn soundtracks, -guess this one slipped past the youtube watchdogs):


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