Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MacroMonday 08/18/08, originally uploaded by Yogma.

this is almost my favorite kind of photography...

ok, so
1. I spelled Homer Simpson wrong above, I am aware of that but i don't know how to fix it since the foto is posted directly from flickr.
2. Thanks to crazy Matt Groening (to this day we are not allowed to watch the Simpson's at my family's home. This was because the first season was violent and scary - (angry/drunk? Homer choking Bart all the time, if you'll remember) as opposed to today's dopey docile Homer.
3. I won a toy Bartman at a birthday party in 4th grade and I always loved the aesthetics of it. Yellow skin, eggplant-colored cowl and cape, literally: a plastic cartoon sculpture, no sharp angles to be had anywhere, goofy, friendly. and he even had the opportunity to hang out with the real Batman action figure...


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