Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Titled: other posters.
for the past year or so at least I have fallen into the habit of reding other blogs regularly- just want to post and list them quickly (I assigned font colors randomly, no meanings attached, ;p):
on a daily basis I read

JOHO THE BLOG On a bi-WEEKLY basis I read
JuJubeetleB &
with the exception of JOHO and Monkey Disaster- who are just people I think are interesting- the rest are friends or acquaintances (of some sort- ok, so admittedly I have never met Mithridates) whose lives I care about and am genuinely curious about... hm. Every month or so I do choose a random blog to follow for awhile just as a sort of science experiment... but then I tend lose interest...
just got turned ontoTodd Zuniga's 1UP podcast, too. I know nothing about sports and even less about sports video games, but somehow his podcast is really effing entertaining. and ocassionally I stop by Another Maria's blog, we have been following each other on twitter for a long time now...


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