Friday, February 27, 2009

Post Titled: On Röyksopp and the associations we have with their music/videos, all you would ever know all on one chat:
Post Titled: and whynot shout out a hurray for Karin Dreijer Andersson

Patrick: thought you might like this:

me: rad! I actually really like Rökysopp
Patrick: i learned about them from the stupid geico caveman commercial
not sure if you've seen that
seeing as you're in germany
me: I saw one when I was back in the states last summer, I didn't get it.
which creeped me out, I thought I should be able to "get" everything---
oh well,
Patrick: ha, you've been gone too long
american pop culture has moved on without you!
here's the commercial:

me: we torrent stuff!
Patrick: ha
me: not much, though
Patrick: i used to love bittorrent
then comcast started dicking with packets
i need a new ISP
me: this is the video that got me into royksöpp, they were playing it non-stop when I was in iceland, which is appropriate bcause that' what iceland looks/feels like in winter (NOTE: this is an exaggeration)

Patrick: yeah
i've seen that one
good video
i guess i'll avoid iceland in the winter
me: no, it is rad, but intimidating, like teh weather or landscape might just decide to squash you at any second. kind of an adrenaline rush...
Patrick: hm
that sounds pretty cool actually
me: dfinitley "something else"
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roeyksoepp norwegian opo pop music Earth invaders: Röyksopp's Happy Up Here video


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