Thursday, March 05, 2009

Post Titled: Clean coal post BONUS MATERIAL!
the clean coal post (chronologically/down: two posts from this one) has extra features! like a DVD! (except it is gmail chat text!) goes like this:
me: hey, so-
Jeff: tell me
me: stock market??
Jeff: yeah
me: wtf?
Jeff: not so great
is your portfolio hurting
me: I can't even FIND my portfolio
I thought it was behind the oven in the guest room... but it isn't
nor is it under my bed or behind the oven in my room
Jeff: i love ovens in guest rooms so hospitable
me: well, gotta keep warm somehow!
Jeff: maybe the polish girl stole it
me: perhaps a guest BURNT my portfolio... mistaking it for scrap...
Jeff: hmmmm
very possible
me: whaaacanIdo?
make more work...
kind-of weird, though, I really don't know where my portfolio is...
Jeff: i'd hire some outside help
this guy, senor brubeck, was really onto something
me: yea?
Jeff: so delicate
me: mh
I was listening to take 10
the NPR
Jeff: it is a machine
have you seen the coen brothers clean coal commercial?
me: nope-
is that a joke?
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