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Post Google won't rest until there is nipple equality in america
it is simple, EITHER:
men should not be allowed to
expose their nipples in public and in the media
women SHOULD be allowed to expose their nipples in public
and in the media...

and in the meantime, where do man-boobs fit into
the argument's equasion? Answer: they don't.
A man boob is a boob too, therefore -by current standards-
it's nipple should, so either stop these outlaws or let's work
to change the law.
have to be covered.
The system is broken folks, and it up to us to fix it.


Furthermore: Schwyzerdütsch Schwyzerdütsch Schwyzerdütsch Schwyzerdütsch
On a semi- related note, folks, more sad news of racial hatred on the continent of Europe:
I'm not sure how much more of these
villager's white-on-white hate-crimemongering I can take, jeezus, Rodney King, aiaiai:
Swiss... Germans... can't they all just realize that in the
grand scheme of the universe that they're
the same damn thing?
checkit: Alena Gerber
OH, but there is a followup story- in thich Alena Gerber strikes back at t


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Anonymous z said...

there is an english version of kai diekmann is out for world domination, hm? (but measurements in cm, o-kay...)

you know, the swiss are really peculiar people. as eddie izzard once refered to french people as being "very french", the swiss are "very swiss" (see also the funny ricola ads "wer hat's erfunden?"). when famous swissair collapsed, this was a major blow to the swiss psyche. maybe this is because switzerland is a small country but (other than austria for instance) also an international player, insisting on its non-alignment but still doing business with everyone (including dictators from all over the world and the german government 70 years ago), but i guess that's what well... good conservative people do. remember peer steinbrueck's comment on the bank secrecy and lack of cooperation in switzerland this summer, when swiss tabloids and politicians called him an "ugly german" and a nazi, summoning the german ambassador twice(!) to discuss this matter. and poor steinbrueck (known for his snappy comments, in which he kind of resembles former chancellor helmut schmidt ("schmidt schnauze") - i will miss this guy, because he was imo the most capable person in the entire government) had to explain it over and over again in interviews. and now it seems like not only caregivers (from east germany) "invade" the swiss health system and earn more money (due to higher standards in professional education in germany, for caregivers that is) than their swiss colleagues (saw this in a tv programme about immigrants), now playmates are invading the swiss media, too.

here's more on the swiss-steinbrueck encounter,1518,613990,00.html

"Swiss television aired the full, unedited version of Steinbrueck's rant against Switzerland, training the camera on the finance minister for a length of time that seemed almost masochistic."

you once wrote about a friend, who moved to stuttgart working as a teacher and (as far as i recall) was rather irritated on how stiff and well-adjusted not only the pupils but also the parents seemed to be. people moving to stuttgart also tend to be easily annoyed by what they call "kehrwoche". i thought this was a bit funny, because people from the stuttgart area are generally known for ("schaffe, schaffe häusle baue") being hardworking, ambitious, tidy, decent people (but other than... let's say people from the gütersloh/bielefeld area in westphalia, known for similar work ethics, the folks in stuttgart do have a sense of humor ("wir koennen alles - außer hochdeutsch") and they enjoy good food and wine). so maybe there is a reason, why so many people from the stuttgart area choose to move to quirky, chaotic berlin (some to avoid draft in the 80s) and stay there, in fact they are - as far as i know - the single biggest "local group" from west germany living in berlin today. so, i feel people are indeed different, but also the same. and i somehow agree with berlin-based entertainer gayle tufts, who once said that to her in germany it is not so much about east and west, but rather north and south (including easy-going rhineland and cologne). although the whole "protestant north and catholic south" thing was shaken up in 1945 due to the amount of refugees from east prussia, silesia etc. flooding the country and religion losing ground ever since, people in germany usually don't move as many times as in the united states. that's a rather new phenomenon since the 1990s. whether this is a good thing or not, i don't know. maybe more people from switzerland should move to berlin (if that makes any sense) :)

6:27 am  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

thaks for yet another insightful marathon comment and analysis again mystery-commenter "z"!
I#ve actually really liked each and every Swiss person I have ever met, but just like in every country there are certainly werid political factions that pop up here and there. (Except the The United States, that would obviously never ever ever happen un the US of course ;)

I hadn't realised that SwissAir went under...
wow, how'd I miss that one?

This situation kind of reminded me of all the über sucessful Canadians in the USA: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Candy and.. and all those secret Canadians we don#t even know about. I wondered: what if they spoke just a bit too differently for comfort... or what if our President spoke with a pronounced souther accent?

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as long as I have been working in German work Environments
everyone just assumes or refers to me as their "colleage from
Great Britain"- sometimes even after I remind them that
I am actually from the West Coast of the Unites States...
which is like 10,000 km from the UK... they don't seem to care
too much about their massive error... uhm... but if they themselves
are regionally misidentified they get pretty darn huffy about it:
"Oh, no, I'm from x, not Y! noo, no no, not from y!"

2:35 pm  

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