Friday, August 13, 2010

TRAVEL NOTE: it only took me 24 hours to stop freaking out, adjust, adn learn to really enjoy London. but, man, those first 24 hours were crazy-suckiness.
oh, and Empire magazine has a whole separete photobook thing included called "Unseen Empire - Celebrating 30 years of the Empire Strikes Back." Which is a bunch of fotos which were taken on the set. So, ja, apparently they really know how to directly market to me and only me, bypassing any of my logic or decision making centers of the brain I pick that up and b-line for the register forgetting all about food and water and for ₤3,99 I am in love.
NOTE ON TRAVEL NOTE: It is also possible that I have forgotten the social norms, expectations and boundaries of ENglish-speaking countries a bit... constantly feeling like i am being too social here. English-speaking countries now seem a bit / a touch anti-social, a touch private, not so communal... just an impression/thought.


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