Tuesday, September 21, 2010

professionalism illustrated issue no.1 "SUX" So yea, this is/the result of/what seems to happen while drinking coffee on Sunday mornings in the lull hours while my girlfriend is still asleep - I sit down with an array of pens, a piece of paper and multiple inks and something called PROFESSONAL-ISM ILLUSTRATED. I think somehow it is a way of getting out my cyicism before the week begins (if you cound Sunday morning the beginning of the week- which I don't. Maybe it is really just the beginning of the CRAP week... not the real week.
Brief History:
Although I have been drawing all the time and forever this is the first set of drawings to have followed one another is some kind of sequence, and which have very naturally unleased themselves as any kind comic series. It is great-! So easy!
They pretty much write themselves, I just have to patiently sit there and keep the pen steady.

Notes on Issue #1: I think I just wanted an excuse to use the phrase "Sucks to your ass-mar." again somewhere on the internet. PROFESSIONALISM ILLUSTRATED(©) was originally named "YAWNSTER"(©) (amongst other things) but for some reason at the very last minute I just wrote something completely different up in the upper lefthand corner- so in that way it also named itself, too. I never planned to call it by its current title.
ENJOY! (or not.)
there are 2 more already completed which will be posted as soon as I can find a scanner large enough or someone with photoshop to glue the two halves together.
The ORIGINAL PEN-AND-INK DRAWINGS are -of course- available... But not for sale. You have to try to break into my apt. and steal them (before I misstake you for an interuder and crush your bones - which is clearly way more interesting than more boring fraking polite commerce -YAWN!)
Oh, and if you know anyone who wants to actually give me money to draw this then that would be great, too, because Used Universe has like 525 billion to the infinity mortgages and kids to feed and whatnot.
ALL EVERYTHING in this post -image included is ©2010 USED UNIVERSE. (Not that I can actually control that, but plz be cool.)

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