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THIS POST IS PURELY INFORMATIONAL for people looking forways around not being able to select AE as a state when trying to book flights online with RyanAir.

So,yea. I fly RyanAir,I like them- and this post is not to bash them at all... it is just to point out a few very recently discovered issues
SUCH AS: there is no (and never has been any) way to select AE as a state in the aufofill list of United States and Territories when buying tickets online for Ryan Air flights. This has ALWAYS been an issue with many sites across the internet, but with Ryanair you used to be able to work around it by choosing to autofill the mailing address info directly into the billing address info-thus skipping the stepwhere you select country and then proceed to select state and nowhere in the list to chose from is "AE" (Area Europe- the same state attached to my billing info!!!)
I had completedthe transaction by tricking the website a few times before by putting APO AE in the city line above then carrying it down automatically into the billing info BUT that option seems to have now dissappeared... so apparentlyif you are from AE you literally have no way of sucessfully using the RyanAir website to book a tiocket.
FF> so after it failed 12 times and I was going nuts about this unsolvable problem I physically went to the RyanAir ticket desk at Schönefeld airport (Berlin, where I live) and told the ryan air people (in fluent and exact German) about the technical problem (anomaly) on the website - and bascially they couldn´t/didn`t believe me or simply couldn`t fathom that such a thing could be (mind you they were german and unfamiliar with American credit/debitcard proceedings: billing address entered on website purchase form must match address assigned to the cardholder) so if it is physically impossible to enter one's address then this is a problem!
"Oh,no no- you can write in whatever you want in the address bar- this is not a problem" assured the lady at the counter.
I tried explaining three times thouroughly - nevertheless the lady was fairly unsympathetic and of course buying tickets at the counter is twice as expensive - (all good deals are online only!)
however they did say that I could use my german acct. to buy it - so I took cash out and deposited the money in my German acct. and will try again in the morning...
ugh... sooo frustrating.
The lady at the counter also assured me I could easily report this technical problem... but after 15 minutes of combing their website I have yet to find any good way to tell them about this issue (that doesn#t involve a €.95 cent/min. phonecall or fax... Heck, I might go oldschool and print this page and fax it to them)...

In fact this hyperlinked text:
"If you have flown with Ryanair and wish to compliment us, suggest areas for improvement, or complain about your experience, then fax your letter to us click here for contact information."

leads to this:

"Ryanair.com - Page Not Found
The page you are looking for may have moved
or perhaps you mis-typed the address.
Return to www.ryanair.com
Click the < Back button to try another link."

however I did find this gem:




Parachutes of any type, recreational or sports type or paragliding wings (also known as 'canopy') can be accepted for carriage as checked-in or carry-on baggage subject to the standard restrictions for size and weight. These packs may contain an auxiliary or emergency 'chute' and a barometric mechanical activating (auto-release) device. These accessories are acceptable for check-in.

The parachute pack must not contain pyrotechnics or smoke canisters- these accessories are not acceptable for carriage on our aircraft.


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FYI, I had the same problem with Ryan air but got around it by selecting "US and minor islands" for both my country of origin and billing location. Not sure why but it worked.

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