Thursday, December 04, 2014

interview with platypus down author

In an interesting interview with "PLATYPUS DOWN" author (who currently remains unnamed) he said something that really resonated with me (as a Gen XY guy): "You know... when you are 5 years old and you see the NOTHING wipe out Fantasia... that is traumatic - a really devastatingly traumatic experience, and it sticks with you - so you go on a mission, almost automatically - to stave-off, to defeat this Nothing and all its servants." he said some other stuff about Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Steven SPielberg (also Tim Burton and Sam Shepard) whom I think he referred to as his "real cultural fathers" but the link is down, I'll repost the link IF i can fin it again... (Not even sure where it is from - Eastern Europe?) ;p
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