Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Friday, September 28, 2012 scam

It has been awhile since I got a scam
Email but this one slipped through:


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Passive population pacification theory: Germany

I have always wondered at the level of order in German society and have even joked that of the police force were to dissappear overnight rapture-style then it wouldn't make a bit of difference...

And I have marveled at HOW this happens to a people- HOW each and every citizen becomes a self-regulated one-person order unit...

And after 12 years I have a new theory:
German kindergarten and early education allow for a free form sort of ... Well, avenue for humans to get the chaos out of their systems so that by the time they are older they desire order and willingly conform (often without even knowing it) ...
but when are they broken? When do they let go and play the game and even act as helicopters hovering over their neighbor's to be sure that everything is by the book- when does all that happen?...

American public schools are very much about forcing students to conform and I think that naturally incites rebellion in the human spirit and sets people up for a lifetime of rebellious social responses towards authority...
Hence we have a society who jaywalks and tax-dodges, a population more
Likely to run from the cops or to park in a handicapped spot when they aren't supposed to... A sneaky sort of society constantly trying to get away with things...
Meanwhile in Germany someone - just another average joe - feels compelled to yell at you - scream even - when you jaywalk or to openly remind you that you are in the improper bike lane- the turning lane- and that you should turn instead of going straight (even if the road is otherwise empty and this little bit of civil disobedience has not ad could not possibly put aNYone in danger at the time) oh... The
List goes on and on and on because ordnung muss sein...

Anyhow, that is about it. That is my
New 'theory'- and I don't have any other but so long as I live in germany the thoroughly un-human qualities of the German populace will forever continue to baffle me...
So ist das Leben...
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Monday, September 24, 2012

GEMA and Co.

An article in the new york times:

"The European commissioner for digital issues, Neelie Kroes, criticized collection societies in May at a conference in Brussels sponsored by Bertelsmann, Vivendi and NBC Universal.

“If I have enemies — and I assure you it is a long list — on that list are collecting societies,” Ms. Kroes said. “And I can’t care less. They are monopolists. That is not about protecting the artist, or creator, it is about protection of that system. Perhaps it made sense a long time ago, but it doesn’t make sense at this moment.”"
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps FAIL

I tood the leap and agreed to the iOS6 update on my iPod (which replaces Google Maps with an Apple Maps App) but left my iPhone as-is and then did a Google Maps vs. Apple maps comparison for my morning commute and the results for the first suggested route were not impressive: google maps' route 1 suggestion was a full 6.9 km more direct than Apple's!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scarred by Classics (ON: Darby O’Gill and the Little People vs. the Disney Channel... 25 years later.)

Sometime during the mid 1980s my mother was getting ready for ger cousin’s wedding and I was left along with the television. Usually this was not the case. We grew up on a steady, strict diet of PBS and not much else. So to have the run of the Colorado (or Southern California?) Hotel’s myriad cable channels was a miracle, and mother was too busy running around with curlers in her hair to care much about whatever daytime television we might be poisoning ourselves with – and this is the moment I encountered Darby O’Gill and the Little People.

Sure, the fantastical 1950s Disney drama was – well – Disney, but lest we forget this is the same Disney era which brought us the wiskey-soaked knife and shotgun fights of Davy Crockett and full-length animated features in which the main characters actually DIED.

Apparently it was ok for life to be a bit more brutal back then… and brutal, as I remember it, was Darby O’Gill’s main gig.

The story goes: Darby’s 20-something-year-old daughter dies and the coach of death (throw in a screaming banschee) comes to collect her but Darby goes instead but jumps out and somehow ends up under a mountain with some trickster leprachauns and that is all I can remember. Every couple of years afterwards I would remember the film and shudder, and then last week I noticed that it had been released on DVD in Germany and could be purchased at Karstadt for a mere €8,99.

That’s right, for a mere €8,99 another generation could be scarred by one of the Classics… because you know Disney will never ever again put that shit on TV – not with the goofy, brain-meltingly idiotic kids# shows lineup they have going. Darby O’Gill would be like a blowtorch in the face of these kids to just want to watch other kids acting stupidly and cracking some of the worst wah-wah one-liners known to mankind (or uttered since Schawarzenneger’s Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.)

Amen and Yikes, folks.

But this is the thing… I have noticed over the years that the films of previous generations – in my case things such as the Dark Crystal or Goonies – these films are seen as too brutal or innapropriate for the youth of the 21st century. These sensitive creatures can only handle happy happy sicky-sweet sugar-coated crap in the form of film, even though once we swith to the medium of video games: anything goes.     

What the heck?

At least with Bambi or Pinocchio the weight of the moral world is weighed, and the viewer is asked to think and feel – but with shooting-spree video games another life just goes SPLAT and you laught it off and keep running and shooting.

There’s something missing here. 


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IS IS collages by Pau HERE
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the name "FLASHsK" is copyrighted by USED UNIVERSE, 2012
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inside an artwork

This is a sound sculpture you could climb into at the Berlin festival. I talked with the guy who made it- have his card somewhere... Anyhow, it was pretty amazing- people could mix their own pre-programmed emotion-based music on an iPad inside the big blue donut
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Schillerkiez, Tempelhof (home office)

On probably the last shirtless day of the year... spent a LOT of time here over the summer so I'll miss it once the gray wet cold takes over. 
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St.Agnes: HOLY SHIT vs. hello vertigo!

The new Johann Koenig space at Alexandrinenstraße 118-212 is juST sick! (Well, dizzying - and sick.)
Or maybe I am just in love with it now because it is still an abandoned 1960s church? Empty and virtually untouched?
johann koenig st agnes

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Subject: Human History

The nephilim have made it to YouTube

P.s. so why do I care? Because in the late 90s I heard Zecharia Sitchin on the late-night Art Bell radio show and when you hear that sort of thing for the first time it just sounds like complete insanity... Now, However, i pretty-much think that anything could've happened in all those unaccounted-for years of prehistory... Anyhow, here is his website:


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paralympic Swimmer Jessica long on Russian TV talkshow "Let them talk"

My girlfried wathes this show fairly often and usually it is just background noise to me until today when they had this heartbreaking and lovely story on Russian television talkshow пусть говорят (let them
Talk) about the Russian-born Paralympic swimmer Jessica long who was adopted by American parents and grew up in Baltimore.
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Amazing object in the form of a book

I read the first 200 pages of dave eggers' new book A Hologram for the King in a day-and-a-half and then had to ration the rest just because I liked the feel of the book so much- the cover is unlike anything I can think of having seen before... Anyhow, I finished it and pretty-much loved it all except the end.

Tod wrote about it here:
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The soundtrack of our lives at Berlin festival 2012

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Those pesky text art billboards and the ones on tempelhof are apparently the work of Scottish artist Robert Montgomery

at first they annoyed me but then - noticing yet another on my way to Berlin Festival last night- I actually stopped to read it... And ended up having a satisfying art viewing experience that lasted more than 30 seconds.

Read all about it in the exberliner:“i-don’t-want-to-be-ironic”
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Friday, September 07, 2012

Art of spam.

This is the kind of comment SPAM I get on a daily basis... fascinating gibberish:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Post Titled: wikipedia definition of "friendship" ...":

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And below is a photo i took of some outdoor text-based art at tempelhof which also has corresponding billboards around the city.
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Frog strobe superbright LED bike light by long

Normally I would never write about a product but how amazing and cute is this bike light?!? €10,95 (found at Karstadt.)
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Film On app

I have several co-workers who simply cannot live without the BBC. They have showed me the Film On app which streams dozens on digital channels from around the world. Passively watching while I clean or make coffee, I'd have to say it is all pretty... - or even remarkably unimpressive. In comparison to other mediums, television really is a low form of media now... And it isn't even as weird as I'd hoped it would be, it's just dull drivel... Who has time for this?
Oh, Important fact!: one thing I DID learn was that there are no official photos from Sean Penn and madonna's wedding- but there were six helicopters hovering above- (see third foto below). Also featured: Italian television (a show called Last Cop and an anchorwoman) and as well as a classic cartoon about where rain comes from (1940s?) from
The klassik kartoon channel.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Meanwhile, on German TV

They are competitively stacking bread.
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Danny Elfman, Forbidden Zone, etc.

I have only ever really known Danny Elfman as the composer of Tim Burton film soundtracks and as the voice of Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of A Nightmare before Christmas, so I was kind of pleasantly surprised to come across Forbidden Zone, a production directed by his brother (actually seems to be an all-around family production), in which Danny Elfman plays the devil. Weird 80s Los Angeles stuff...
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