Thursday, June 01, 2006

Booming voice, pretending like I'm not just writing this to myself: anyone else find the fact that the upcoming film "an inconvenient truth" is Al Gore's way of sprinkling (air-dropping?) pixie dust from a private jet high above the USA to softly twinkle on its way down to enlightening most all the masses. "No more snows of Kilamanjaro!" Which would work really well as a scary pre-apocalyptic slogan IF if anybody read books, I suppose. Mr. Gore, pop-it-up and dumb-it-down a bit, s.v.p. Take if from the "it's like Ice Age 2, the Meltdown, kids! Auuugh! the gosh-darn snows are melting! Ride your bikes, quickly!" Can't help but think how Fahrenheit 911 seemed like it could've maybe made an impact, but didn't. However- in this case, voting won't change the state of the environment overnight,so it is a much more... freakishly intimidating subject to try to worry about...
(4 hours later) Ok, I just read an interview with him, maybe it'll be ok...
Speaking of cars vs. bikes:
grrr. been developing road rage as a bike rider. this a-hole in a Z3 called me a "dumbass!" yesterday just for skidding to a halt at a 4-way stop yesterday on a very steep hill. couldn't help it. wanted to spit on/smack him upside the head but instead I just pretended like i didn't hear it. Of course, here I am the next day still tooootally pissed.
I just realized that this dorky free cd I got from buying a bunch of Classical - the "Naxos Sampler" or something has that haunting scratchy aria from Match Point on it- that movie is so good... finally got through "Breakfast on Pluto" -very cool.
BEAST WARS in the hizzy: I let Francouse (my three-toed East Coast box turtle) out today, hope Tasa's Barley (cat we are babysitting) won't eat her... although he hasn't attempted to lately. AND The cat learned how to climb up the ladder into my bed- go figure! It is a round-rung ladder at that, I have no idea how he does it. Little creatures, friendly little bastards, gotta love 'em-! Back on the enviro-trip;
Y'know, ever since reading T.C. Boyle's "A Friend of the Earth" (which is tooootally one of my favorite books) I just EXPECT the weather to be out of control and dangerous in the coming years... how effed-up is that? Waiting for he storm(s). (Insert Al Gore Voice over here: ____mankind_____doooom_____! Closing with Radiohead's "Iditioteque"-fade out) I hope they added effects to Al's voice for the film, its notorious monotone always lulled me to nap. Gore should do to his voice what Michael Jackson did to his face: surgically alter it to make it freakishly unforgettable. P.S. MJ was kind-of in A Friend of the Earth... kind-of.
Atlas Shrunk'd
Speaking of the dark side of global Capitalism, I am sitting here with not much to do at work and I came across a full symopsis of Atlas Shrugged on Wikipedia- which would've come in SOOOO handy 9 years ago when we had to read it in AP Lit. This sort of thing makes me wonder, though. It takes maybe a half-hour to read the synopsis, and many many hours to actually read the book... so, who is going to want to read the book when you can get all you need form the synopsis? It isn't like "Atlas Shrugged" is the most beautifully crafted work of literature therefore it would be a shame to shed 99.9% of it... I mean, I think I would've preffered (had I had the option) to read the synopsis instead. That book is just all bout those loaded ideas anyhow- you might as well do away with the book entirely and replace it with a (much more useful) list. (That's so A.D.D., I know-) ho-ho-hummmm.

PLAN B from Outer Space (?)
(Imaginary Conversation between Pharmacist and customer if this crazed measure is passed allwoing Pharmacists to refuse certain perscriptions based on moral differences):
"Hi, just need to get this filled..."
"Nope."(smirking and shaking head)
"Nope." (Still smirkig and shaking head)
"Is there something wrong?"
"Just can't fill it."
"Just can't"
(Thinking: 'can I just TAKE it and leave some cash on the counter...?')
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