Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things are simple and lovely. all my usual cynicisms seem to have evaporated or are automatically dismissed (or temporarily disbled?)and I feel free to smile at things I might usually find some reason to criticize. all the usual agitations are not agitating, or have been neutralized. Haven't checked the news or myspace or the worldcup like I usually would and I almost couldn't care less... fancy that. We saw Psapp, jose gonzalez (talented) and juana molina (oowooohooo-crazy!) at neumo's last night- psapp being most delightful- what funny clever little people making intricate little music, sooo goood. Half the instruments were toys, a bit like Hot Chip, but more instrument-oriented, complicated arrangements of strings and talking toy animals and unidentifiable percussion and such.
c. has a clock that you can write on with chalk, I knocked it off the wall while trying to erase something with my finger and then couldn't figure out how to get it back on for forever, meanwhile she is steaming brilliant little vegetables and trying out the new robot: a toaster oven. This was a new large and streamlined toaster oven, or-as I eventually came to the conclusion: a new one (I've only ever seen little rickety old ones.) What would we do without these little robots? The toy robots in the band, the practical robots of the home life. My bread machine- a strange strange robot.
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