Saturday, September 30, 2006

Haven't been writing obviously- too busy dumping all of my sh*t all over town, dropped bed, terrarium, suitcases full of crap off at The Salvation Army (Gracias Mr. Corr!) and 60+ books (ouch!) at Twice Sold Tales, ahhh- the pains of the Bibliophile...

I goofed off with Nanc' last night and went to the Mars bar to see Michael Vermillion play, which was really good- he's pretty much always painfully good to see live (even if he didn't play 7up or Hallelujah this time) "Last Night on Earth" kills it, ouch.
The opening acts were also terribly impressive- a girl called "Tiny Vipers" and... these talented gentleman: Aaron Mannino, Westin Glass. I guess I just rarely see live music that isn't hip-hop so I get hypnotized by someone on stage singing with a gituar...

'allo Liebling, deine antworter funktiniert nicht mehr (oder ist zu vielleicht?), schreib mich eine SMS nachricht wann du endlich zu Hause bist! (Kein Notfall, ich will einfach mir dir sprechen, xo-p!~)
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