Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A: I was saddened to see that "Ask a Ninja" is now sponsored by SMALLVILLE Season 5 on DVD. BLAST! Curses, foiled again. Is youtube dead already?

B: (a.k.a. "One small step") For years now we, the audience, have been forced to watch pre-movie advertisements. Ads for shows, Coca Cola, etc. the preshow crap-a-thon is awful and annoying but I have such a neruroses about gettingg the perfect that I show up 20 minutes early and suffer through it every friggin time.
(hmm- Wierd how I can be early for a movie but late for work alost every day for the pas7 months... ) anyhow, so yea the theatre and networks adn marketeers adn feeding us all this crap- but in a small personal victory the other day Lauren and I had just gotten out of "Little Miss Sunshine" and were using the restroom when I heart that magical twinkle-sount (when the animated film reel jumps out of the bucket of popcorn or whater he does right befor the film begins) and called Lauren "Meet me by the boys restroom!' We hopped right from one movie into another- "the Last Kiss" (also quite good, if not slightly brutal), and for once I felt like I wasn't being screwed by ticket prices and advertising hypnosis. heh. Honestly, upstairs at Pacific Place (Downtown Seattle) is the easiest place in the world to theatre hop, I'd highly reccommend it.
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