Saturday, September 09, 2006

several weeks ago at the Cult of Youth board meeting we were throwing out ideas about what might be important all encompassing themes. I suggested "uhm, the Golden Age of Retardation...?..." as a good description for life in the year 2006, "What's that, how would you define that?-" I was prodded by a Ms. Grofroer and I honestly didn't have a good answer- "Uhm, you know, when... it's, like, the Golden Age...but of Retardation" (perhaps my very words were enought to explain the stagnation of the modern mind after steady overdoses of useless information)
BUT todaaaayyy I found THE VERY DEFINITION!!!: Perfect! Or this lonelygirl15 thing- almost better!!! and THAT was on the front page of the LA Times online- 'nuff said,... or is it actually the very act of "blogging" that is the most goldenly retarded thing about the age?...
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