Friday, October 13, 2006


Survived the trip to germanyland, now wandering the oh-so-familar haunt of Berlin, everything is in motion and old-new-minimal-maximal. (and this keyboard is all different, too, even. so there WILL be more spelling errors than usual, I assume).


Got my special treatemnt by the good ol' boys of the TSA in Washington Dulles, super-search! Hoorah, hoorah! Yes, United Airlines selected me for the "extra-special" search, my own special line and a private appt. with a male TSA striptease expert, yao!
Texas Business man behind me after waiting for 25 minutes in line: "Is there some kind of hold-up, what's goin' on?"
15-year-old-looking-bored as-hell-TSA worker kid: "They're screening and searching people, they'll get to you."

and since Francoise's amazing escape I didnät even need to worry about bringing her after all... she's a free turtle in my grandfather's garden, which is heaven-on-earth for turtles, believe you me...

and now what? Nadinechen and I are just happy and silly now, and there is nothing planned except to do do do a lot lot lot but nothing in-particular.

The wohnung in "Neu Köln" next to Kreuzberg ist super schön, tall ceilings, minimal things, and a courtard with all our neighbors where basically everybody can see what everybody else is doing and nobody seems to care one bit- which brings us to the matter of proximity. In the airport in Frankfurt I was reminded of how close it is to be to everyone around you- much closer than usual, perhpas this stems from having 93-plus million people living in an area the size of montana... people come right up to you and just stand there, people bump into you and donät even realize it, alles ist kompakt and personal space is reduced to a 6-inch force field or less...
Also something I forgot: a "non-smoking airport" only means that people just canät smoke wherever they want... but still smoke in about 50% of the building, heh.

So, helloooo jetlang und hallloooo liebling, ALLES Fängt An...
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