Monday, February 26, 2007

Post Titled: Like a Vampire craves blood.
Post Subtitled: Dramatic Title for UNdramatic Monday morning post.
Almost forgot about Boing Boing, so cool.
(10 minutes later) whoowweee, how life comes full circle. I hadn't checked boing boing since leaving Seattle in October and voila┬┤ there is a link to "That Ain't Art" (Roq La Rue Gallery blog) a favorite where I have actually bought 2 pieces in the past- lovely.

P.S. and more cool sh*t about Obama. This man will be the next President of the United States, and it will be good.
(link credit: DailyKos).

and even though it was written *gasp* in Oct. 2005, this article on Nicolas Carr's Blog, Rough Type, about the dawn of Web 2.0 and what it means for the history of mankind is very cool (and bried for those with shorter attention spans).

oh, and there is more:

dozens of miniature, low-resolution cameras and sensors. They're wirelessly linked to computers throughout the 6,000-square-foot space, keeping tabs on traffic flow in public areas and monitoring temperature, humidity and acoustics. The building serves as a testing ground for developing and perfecting wireless sensing technology to connect major chunks of the real world to the Internet.

what a fine blog that is...

and may god have mercy on on the souls of our grandchildren if their power ever goes out. Last week at work the server went down for 15 minutes and it was dead/panic/helpless because EVERYONE needed the internet ALL THE TIME to work... so lookout, ye children of the future...


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