Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Post Titled: OUCH.
PAINFUL AND SAD NEWS ALL AROUND THIS MORNING, FOLKS... let us begin with the basics:
Call me oldschool, but this is the third feature I have seen on American married couples sleeping in separate rooms in the past 2 days (THE GUARDIAN). Honestly, I understand that people need their beauty sleep but this trend makes me sad to the point of physical illness... it is another perfect manifestation of the me me me society. Igit. I know, that is an opinionated and stubborn point of view, and I did not sleep well last night because Nadine ended up with all the blankets, BUT I would much rather end up with a poor nights sleep and wake up next to her than wake up separate rooms in separate parts of the apartment. Fuck that.

ANYhow, the blog and morning rolls on.
What might MTV ARABIA be like? We shall soon see...

Hadn't checked the Huffington Post in a few days, and probably shouldn't have because now I am cringing with adrenaline way too early on a Tuesday morning, and here are the stories I ripped from there:

"Once again it's that time of year when Forbes reminds us that over the last 12 months the poor got poorer and the rich much, much richer! The total collective net worth (real property, liquid assets, stocks, jewelry, artwork, slaves) of the world's 946 billionaires, was way up over 2006 for a grand total of $3.5 ter-illion!"
found on Huffington Post, god this is depressing, CLICK to read the article.

Meanwhile, a certain General Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is ranting about how homosexuality is IMMORAL... - uhh, wanna talk about immoral, jackass? I can think of a trillion things our military does that are a wee bit more "immoral" than harmless faggotry. Besides, time and time again we have seen that people who are this adamantly opposed to homosexuality are actually just venting those deeply repressed G-A-Y guilty feelings themselves, or am I totally off the mark with this one? Poor pooor repressed General! Would somebody please give him some dick to shut him up?

QUOTE: "I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way," Pace told the newspaper in a wide-ranging interview."
(from Chicago Tribune)

I know, I know, so EASY to just rant in a blog and continue do do nothing, isn't it?

Holy cow, why is RUSSIA SO SCARY? (from the Economist)

GREEN FAD article on Cal State Long Beach site is insightful

Resulting cynical Blurb I wrote for the Newsletter at work:
"Politicians and Corporations the world throughout are Painting the Bandwagon Green and then riding it. Blair and Merkel have recently called for a meeting to precede the June G8 Summit in Germany, Gore won and Oscar and it seems that companies across the board are tripping over themselves to come across as more eco-friendly. This is all well and good, but in the long run does it stand a chance or will it merely be yet another fad? When nations like China and the USA continue to pollute at ever-increasing rates, buying a pair of organic jeans at H&M will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture, and without a serious sea-change these gestures are perhaps entirely in vain."
Which ties in with the skype chat I had yesterday with Susanne...
TAR says: hmm, you know, I was in the supermarkt today- and I hear the song "If you're going to San Francisco"
susanne says: yep
susanne says: what happened?
TAR says: and there is that part in the middle that says "there's a whole generation with a new explanation- people in motion..."
TAR says: and I thought- "That is so dissapointing, such hypocritical bullshit"
TAR says: because nothing happened.
susanne says: mhhh
susanne says: yes afterall
susanne says: it is not easy to change something
TAR says: and then I thought: "maybe it is better that young people today (ok, MOST of young people) DO actually stand for NOTHING"
TAR says: maybe that is more honest.
susanne says: i don t think they stand for nothing
susanne says: i think the stand for something less global
susanne says: more individual
TAR says: like, in the end if such a so-called revolutionary generation as our partents' produced no change... well, anyhow, it was a cynical thought, but I had it.
susanne says: i mean a lot of people start infront of their own doors, like eating no meat, going back to monogamy
TAR says: right, like I want to have kids one day with nadine and I want our kids to be cool-
susanne says: they will
susanne says: thats a fact
TAR says: BUT then again,here we are- rebelling in out ways against our patents' views
susanne jakob says: mhhh well that s the way it goes- i think revoultions became more personal, it moved away from these mass movments, which is good too
TAR says: SO maybe we should have some reverse psychology. Ok, I have to cook
susanne says: k

On a lighter conspiracy-font-type note, anybody notice that both Playstation 3 and Spider-Man 3 used the exact same font? Well, they are. Although, to be fair this is the same font used for the first two Spider-Man movies used the same font... but it doesn't mean that they aren't subliminally cross-pollenating and cross marketing...


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