Thursday, March 01, 2007

Post Titled: Sit this one out.
John McCain (if that is how his name is spelled) just announced that he is entering the Presidential race... and I just thought "Shouldn't the Republicans just sit this one out?" They have no chance of winning. ANY of them.

Random BLOG of the DAY that is really, well- something else.

You know those days (the ones that happen every once in awhile) when you are cold and tired andend up drinking 7 cups of coffee? Yea, that is today and now the lesser imps and demons are fighting about who gets to claw ther way out through my eye sockets first.

just created a feed for my blog, not sure what that means yet (idiot).

Meanwhile, apparently there is an art gallery opening at the bottom of my building.

And LASTLY: another good reason to join a CULT, uh- I mean, Dianetics/Scientology just sent me this amazing video

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