Monday, June 11, 2007

Post Titled: dissipating confusion
DISCLAIMER - it is slightly offensive, which I why you have been prepped with the post title.

EXCERPT/root concept and seed of Europe's future problems, DELETED from the article I finished this morning:
"Interesting encounter at a swimming pool in Berlin. A group of teenagers approached the group I was with asking to use our football,
“No, look- There is a storm rolling in, so we are leaving soon” I answered. They wouldn’t take no for an answer, and then after they gave up on the ball they began asking for money.
After more mild arguing and explaining they finally asked “where are you from?”
“well, we two are American, he’s Australian
“You aren’t German?"
“Bush! I spit on Bush, Bush is trash, I §/%# his mother! I §/%# his mother and his sisters and the mothers of all the Jews, §/%# all the mothers of the Jews also, I spit on them!”
“Sorry, we didn’t vote for him, we did what we could-“
“You support him?!?”
“No, we did notsupport him. I think only 51% of the country did, so… where are you from?”
“Beirut. Pure Lebanese from Beirut.”
“Oh, nice- I know a very talented painter from Beirut”- etc, etc.
After a few minutes the search for a football and money was called-off, we went our separate ways on good terms having gone from an aggressive beginning to a satisfactory understanding in a matter of minutes...-

Just thought I'd share that.


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