Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Post Titled: Advertising.

Waiting for a call at my sister's place I am in a room with a television... and there are ads, many many ads. It comes as no surprise that advertising in the United States (and of course the rest of the world, but in particular the US) has had to go to extreme extremes NOTE: the absolute weirdness of the new Chocolate-Covered Altoids ads (that link has been fixed now)
Surrealism and absurdity have long held their place in the world of print and then video advertising, but it seems now that they are at a fever-pitch, much like everything really- like- as if the weirder and more absurd, the better chance this stuff has of sticking in our minds -or what-? ... and where does it go from there.
BUT, something I hadn't considered until just now is the product placement opportunities presented by the upcoming TRANSFORMERS cgi/live-action film, lo-and-behold there are now GM commercials in which the cars are transforming into robots... which is a perfect hybrid but also false advertising... see:

and here I am just passing that along, ...viral shite.
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