Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: MSNBC Video and the beauty of Rhys Ifans.
there is some seriously wierd shit on MSNBC Video today, namely:
World's tallest and shortest meet
World's tallest man weds
Pedestrians pinned by truck
Wrecking ball havoc
and the news summary where
the man in Bend, Oregon
pulls a real-life Danny Deckchair.
Which, by the way is a great film starring the
unstoppable Rhys Ifans... who, strangely enough, I just remembered also
has a role in a film about an out of control hot-air balloon
in "Enduring Love"... always that same hair... basically, I think you can reny any film with Rhys Ifans in it and be happy... paricularly Human Nature.


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