Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post Titled: An aptly-sized coin... a scorched earth... and viel zu viel klo-papier

Lemme just ask a question- what is going to prevent someone from running off with a cart at the airport anyhow?? That ONE shiny €???
HERE, a brilliant little post in James Fallows Blog (Thanks to co-worker Dan for that one) and and then- something creepy about the future of us... and some silliness to balance it out in the Gurardian:
"He said he was flummoxed as to how the ministry's 360,000 employees could be using 10 rolls each a day. "Maybe toilet paper has military uses that we are not necessarily aware of,"- after it was erroneously reported that defence ministry civil servants and soldiers used 800m rolls of paper a year."


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Blogger jesika said...

melissa and i stole a cart at ikea!
the cute little sign that said "ich wohne hier" did nothing to deter us!

4:07 pm  

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