Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post Titled: Advertisements for Themselves
I am always accosted by the prostitutes in Hackischer Markt, (who all seem to now have dawned lace-up bodices OVER their winter jackets as a sort of identifier) but literally they jump in front of my path as I try to walk by, usually using a conversation- stater such as
"hey, do you have some time?!"
"Where are you going"
and I usually awkwardly tell them why I donät need their services as they tag along for half a block, pushy really- nice girls, but so damn pushy-
AH- but last night I had a breakthrough:
"hey, do you have some time?!"
"No, actually, I am late- do you know where King Kong is?"
"Ahmmm.. you mean Bang Bang? Right there?"
"No, Kong Kong- must be around here somwhere- well, thanks anyhow..."

ah-hah! Just ask them directons! Sweet relief! I don't know why I have so much difficulty with this matter, or why I get approached half a dozen times every time I enter Hackischer Markt without fail, do I look that desparate-? Jeez.


Post Titled: Ich KRIEG ÄRGER
Almost forgot that mere minutes before the subtle harrassment by the prostitutes (see previous post) I was harrasseed
by the effing Church of Scientology. In the freezing cold they had their table set up after 10pm in the
middle of the Alexanderplatz square right as one leaves the U-and S-Bahn station. I was not in a good
mood, and the conversation went as such:
(dopey bald guy running up to me
(in German) "Hello, would you like to take a stress test?"
"Uhh... everyone has stress, why bother testing for it?"
"Well, perhaps you have bad stress levels, it's free---"
"Dude, man..."

I Walk on... Ok, it wasn't half a block away before I was pissed at myself for not impersonalting a
mumbling dumbass piece of white eurotrash and giving them a really hard time before stealing one of those
precios... devices... forgot what they're called. Shit,.. (google) oh yea- the E-Meter...
well, maybe next time.


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Anonymous vikingur said...

i've met one prostitude on the street since i arrived. one. and she did't give me any attention at all. i guess i must look extremely fulfilled :)

11:23 pm  
Blogger jesika said...

har! i laughed out loud when i read this! the prostitues in hackescher markt was one of the first things you told me about in berlin! i can't believe they are wearing lace over their winter coats!!!!

2:25 am  

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