Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Titled: "Big Red Button"
Nearing the end of the day ...and
I couldn't even process THIS

Pros and Cons of Socialized Medicine and a trip to St. Hedwig Krankenhaus.

Pros: it cost €10 total to go to the doctor who referred me to the Orthopedic Specialist who sent me to the Radiologist, I could've never afforded that in the States, which is why my foot is still effed-up.
Cons: they tax 30% of my income, I had to wait a month for an appointment with the Radiologist and now who knows how long it will be until the next appointment?

The facility I went to the other day to get my foot scanned was insane. It is in the St. Hedwig Krankenhaus smack in the middle of Hackesisher Markt, -looks like something straight outta Harry Potter. (other fotos here) - essentiall ya massive brick fortress surrounding a fountained couryard, which -you can just imagine at multiple points in history- was packed full of bleeding people on cots screaming.
After a few hours of flipping through every Spiegel magazine in the lobby I finally got to strip down to my underwear, wait in a tiny room and then go in one of those huge Siemens dounut scanner things, which are actually really loud (loud enough for ear-protection) and these two girls working there almost scanned the wrong foot, had to remind them. They took at least 60 cross-section scans of my foot, looking at them was like: "Ok, ok, ok looks good- ja, good, oh- shit, what is that-? That looks shattered...hmm... I have been walking on that for almost 2 years..." But, then again, I am no expert...


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