Friday, November 16, 2007

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Post Subtitled: Double-Pronged weekend-o-failure ahead whcih I am not aware of at the time I am writing this...
I am soo soo tired, like delusionally tired, like seeing-shit tired because I spent all night keeping the fire going, and alternating between writing the book (which has now gone back to being called "FORCEFIELD") and watching Battlestar Gallactica - season one. Yesterday WIRED had an article titled : "Internet Porn: Worse than Crack?", BUT, dear readers, I would venture to say that in actuality TV on DVD is the True New Crack. (and if I had a really / real / fast internet connection adn a computer that wasn't an old man river then the New Crack might easily be TV on the Internet, but noooöö it is still TV on DVD) I rarely get ahold of quality sh*t, (i.e. shows I can get sucked into) but when I do- well, it is a binge. I just could not stop watching the humans vs. the Cylons... the badass handheld camerawork, the ridiculous characters, and the fact that they are in such a much much harder place in their lives than I, what with fighting to save hunamity from extinction and all - it's all very comforting, epic and thouroughly addictive, especially when it is freezing cold outside.

Anyhow, YACHT plays tonight at West Germany, I am not sure whether or not I will go- but his performance at the David Shrigley's "Worried Noodles" show was hilarious. He is a one-man band with a laptop, really Sesame Street meets- Prince and the Sex Pistols or early Muppet Nine Inch Nails or something, and I would definitely go if I know he would have a similar multimedia intro (letÄs see if I can find that online somewhere... ...nope) Including the rapid-fire witty and absurd Q&A. It is like "This is me, see, ok, let's go and- and - whAAAaaagh!!!" transparency. Reminds me a bit of Hawny Troof, but helful rather than vulgar.

Bio on his site starts: "Jona Bechtolt is a technological multi talent: his band, YACHT, is an amalgamation of self-taught dance moves and anthemic electro-power jams all played backwards and covered in cherry cola. YACHT shows are uncluttered, inspiring sessions of improbable dancing and synchronized crowd-waving; the songs shudder happily into the air, and any preconceived notions of what makes an energetic performance are shattered by Bechtolt's own strain of shamanistic bombast."
Q&A in Anacortes, WA:

(and then think, imagine, and plop this into another context: the German audience really did not know how to react to this sort of playful Q&A, well- neither did I, especially since it is inbetween loud erratic song and dance)

SCHEISSE! Monday follow up titled: Double-Prongued Failure
Note: don' depend on technology. plz.
Because we switched internet and phone service at home I was conveniently Firewalled out of my own internet connection all weekend. No rhyme or reason to it, but I missed the email reply from Yacht agreeing to an interview for Electropeasant AND couldn't figure out where the gallery is where I was supposed to meet people because I am shoing work there in late December... because the addres was in my email... connection was cutting in and out - so, hah! Idiotic. Would be so helpless if communications technology were to actually go down. So helpless.

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