Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post Titled: By the way, you are reading an Elementary-level Blog. Like: kid's stuff.
I was shocked and delighted and appalled and thouroughly amused this morning to see that Helen had posted an entry in Paperpools called "Never trust a widget" which -using said untrustworthy widget- rated, well, appropriately- her blog on a Post-Grad level and mine on an Elementary School level, which I can totally understand.
(Note, upon closer inspection I relaised that it says the "Level of education required to read" is Elementary... maybe that is true-)I mean, if some formula is combing the blog for big words or intellectual subject matter, honestly- those things are few and far between here at Post-Google, and even when they are here they are probably misspelled or misunderstood or dumbed-down to an elementary level... and it took me 4 tried to correctly spell "Plastic Bag" yesterday- (I can scan the Post-it to prove it) so, perhaps that "Elementary" rating could/would be totally fair afterall.
The majority of this blog is written in quick snippets when I have a few spare seconds throughout the work day. Ocassionally I do put in time on a post, but usually not- and I do not fancy myself to be much of academic or intellectual, unless you count the "whoh, that is crazy" factor of comeing across new information adn then (re)appropriating it, or just pondering things out-loud in black and white here...But the system is clearly bunk because Mithridates and his blogs "Greek Geek" and "Night Hauling" ALSO get an elementary rating- so, what exactly is the basis of this widget's evaluation? Terribly curious to know...


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Blogger Mithridates said...

Yeah, I need to start positing - I mean _posting_: I can only sound graduate-level by _mistake_ apparently - I need to start POSTING on Greek Geek again this week.

I'm clearly nuts though: I dug through boxes of books to find the SAT practice book I used to tutor a student last year and went through the list of 3,500 words to make sure I knew all of them, and I asked my girlfriend I know these damn things, why can't I use them? Until I hit "thespian," which I didn't know was also an adjective (in addition to the noun, which I knew meant actor) that means "pertaining to theater"--and then I was thrown into complete despaiiiiiiiiir....

4:49 pm  
Blogger Ithaca said...

As I say in my comment on your comment, I think maybe the algorithm is better at picking up, say, long chunks of text in foreign languages (which I am often too lazy to translate), graphs, that kind of thing, and clueless when faced with a blog whose sophistication can't be indexed by vocabulary. This was what made it so dim and sweet. Sort of like a little robot that can' tell the difference between a photograph of an array of Campbell's Soup Cans and Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans. As I also say, it seems strangely unconcerned about the R or X ratedness of a blog. 'Fuck' - a simple four-letter word that a 6th-grader could easily read...

5:02 pm  
Blogger Mithridates said...

Oh yes, Ith: it was before your explanation that I rifled through my books for the SAT word list. I was going to write on paperpools, "Ever since I was a little cocksucker, I've been able to read four-letter words." I guess I've decided to pollute Post-Google with that one. By the way, I really love this blog, TAR ART RAT.

5:27 pm  

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