Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post Titled: Platform
I decided to finally write another book. This month. Like, NOW. From Nov. 2-30th. Partially inspired by the whateveritscalled November Novel month, but bascially for the next 27 days I want to write frantically, which may mean that the blog doesn't get so much attention. I build a platform- kind-of like a stage- in front of the bay window in the Project Room of the apartmetn and put a table and chair on it, and somehow that highter elevation seems to have increased productivity, not to mention it is more difficult to leave the chair since it is slightly precariously perched on a foot or so off the ground. It cost me all of €8 to build, carting the materials home on the petal of my new commie bicycle through the rain, sawing adn drilling and gluing it was complete in less that an hour, and thus far since working on the platform I have almost 9,000 words down... I need at least 50,000.

that November Novel Months site HERE

I need to work under pressure. I needed a platform for that- and a clock ticking. Just need to work period.
running title is:




...or, originally; FORCEfield.

grrr. blogger keeps crashing my firefox.

Post that wasn't posted last night because on my writing platform I (purposefully) get no WLAN connection:

On my bikeride home last night as I neared Kottbusser Tor the air was suddenly sharply acrid and stinging to the nostrils & lungs. The closer I got, the smokier and then the firetrucks started pulling up right to the driveway next to the Mevlana Mosque there on Skalitzer Straße. Apparently the apartment building behind the mosque was burning and everyone was evacuated, including the Friday eveing Mosque crowd, so the streets and sidewalks were packed with bearded and robed men, amongs young hip germans, businessmen on bicycles and Turkish slicksters chewing toothpicks and gearing up for a night of mischief on the townit was like a scene out of a bible story. We all stood around and watched but there wasn't much to see since the fire was in the hinterhof, blocked by the apartments in front. Still, all the way home I was dodging guys in beards and robes clogging the sidewalks and bike paths, it was kind of surreal.
Even more surreal are the building plans directly across the street for a super-mosque community center, looks like something Disney would build.

Apparently the Fire was 3 burnig cars:
"Brennende Autos in Kreuzberger Parkhaus

Berlin (dpa/bb) - In einer Garage am Kottbusser Tor in Berlin- Kreuzberg haben am Freitagabend mehrere Autos gebrannt. Die Polizei schloss bei dem Feuer in einem Parkhaus an der Skalitzer Straße Ecke Adalbertstraße Brandstiftung nicht aus. Zwei Menschen wurden in Sicherheit gebracht. Die Feuerwehr war im Einsatz. Bei der Polizei war von drei brennenden Autos die Rede. Angesichts des Qualms sei es aber noch nicht möglich, genau zu sagen, wie viele Wagen betroffen waren."


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