Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Titled: Un-Halloween: Teil 2
Halloween came and went again, I saw a record-breaking 4 trick-or-treaters total. Cowboy, Batman, princessballerina(?) and something unidentifiable like... a sweatsuitsuperhero?
At 7:19 pm with 41 minutes before all grocery stores closed I broke down and went in search of a pumpkin to carve. I went up and down Kotbusser Damm looking for a stereotypical fat Kürbis (pumpkin) because the rustic French gourmet one I got last year just wasn't going to cut it. After hitting up 2 Turkish places and AND Karstadt I came up with nil- just those French gourmet ones (which look surreal and delicious, but NOT like a round orange pumpkin, they are more brown (SEE last year's post HERE) I got cash and went down the street adn voila´ the Turkish Spätkauf market still had pumpkins- I got a Hokaiddokürbis!
as the guy weighted it he -very seriously- said "You know, you must eat this right away-!" "Noo" I responded "I have to put a face on it first."

Pumpkin turned our fine. All the batteries in the apartment are dead so I donät have a photo. Put in on the front step, half-expecting a mob to form to carry us pagan-christian-satan worshippers off into the night and burn or behead us (unwittingly very much in the Halloween spirit), but it didn't happen... there is always a quiet tension (? is it even a tension) between myself and the neighbors... and the guys who are always hanging out down on the street below. I think they know that I#m not German,... but donät really know much more that that. When I am locking my bike up and pass through their little circle as they smoke a joint I usually say "Hallo Jungs!" and they are more or less friendly back. But other than that there is no real neighborly relationship... I wonder if we will ever get to the point of nodding or saying hi as we go by-

My bet with NK was that IF the pumpkin is still there in the morning (which I think it will be) then we get to do whatever I want for a whole day, if not then she wins and we do whatever she wants-
"This is Berlin, honey- they'll steal it of course-"
We shall see...
fell aseep watching AbFab on DVD. I actually SCORED at the library in terms of DVDs yesterday:
Double DVD of the old and new Cape Fear movies
The Last Emperor
BERLIN BERLIN 2. Staffel complete
some Japanese erotic movie called "The Girl with Red Hair"
and old Warren Beatty movie called Blood.. something
and a few others...


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Blogger Johanna said...

What a courageous act, leaving an unsecured Kürbis out! So who won the bet???

10:17 am  
Blogger jesika said...

who won?! who won?!

7:20 am  

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