Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post Titled: WEIRD AND WIREDnews
It is still early in the day, not even 10 am yet and I think I may have already found my favotite thing on the internet HERE in Johanna Thompson's Thompson Times

my attention has been drawn to issues of Spam this morning, firstly because WIRED's Editor in Chief was complaining about it in his blog and secondly because I have been wondering how Ron Paul has consistently been in the Technorati top ten on and off through these last months, and now-. thanks to WIRED- it is clear that his popularity is being promoted by a SPAMBOT ARMY

scheisse, we're just, like, a step and a half away from some Terminator Matrix type shit where computers gain consciousness and crush mankind...
oh, and as if that weren't bad enough... you aren't even all you:

"Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. They are bacterial. From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking "superorganisms," highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses."


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Blogger Ithaca said...

Johanna and I were talking today about the greatness of owning a burka. I have one that I ordered from Pakistan, the hardcore type of burka with a grill over the eyes, which I used to wear in London when I did not want to be recognised or talk to anyone. Johanna said WHERE did you GET it, she would LOVE to have a burka because sometimes people are just TOO MUCH. So I must track down the website of this probably nefarious team of burka marketeers. All this at DAK because I was trying to get health insurance, except it turned out that the staff had been given a lecture only the previous day explaining that they could not sign forms for riffraff like me even to get said riffraff on the kunstlersozialkasse. And J said she had described my case to a friend recently and he said he had just bought a book called KSK for dummies and he would have to consult the book. Wish I'd bought a vending machine costume for Halloween.

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