Monday, December 10, 2007

Post Titled: Radio Morning, Part III
Don't sleep with BBC Radio on all night.
The story about the Canadian Serial-killing pig farmer was repeated at least a half-dozen tims, some of those half-dozen times in graphic detail about heads and feet in buckets and bags and bodies fed to pigs, jawbone remains found, bones found- 6 women, mostly prostitutes, found definitely, 20 more perhaps, or maybe even 56 total. h.o.r.r.o.r.
Then wierd world music. For hours. Sometimes good, sometimes not, but always strange.
Paul McCartney "Hope on Deliverance"

Paul McCartney makes an encore appearance in the Berliner Fenster (the television on the U-Bahn)
He will be perhaps spending the holiday with his ex-
uhm, why do I need to know that?
and why do I know that Dustin Hoffmann is obsessed with hardware stores?
(that was also in the Berliner Fenster recently)

2 new Denglish words I have learned over the weekend:

The opening at Premarts last night was nice but a bit slow-going, it was very cool that Amelia and Helen showed up on a cold dark rainy Sunday evening.
The funny thing about the show is that I wasn't trying for anything, I mean, these were just the collected "completed" drawings I have done in the last year or so... which is odd, these were drawings that were done and just sort of hanging out around the apartment.

In more bizarre news I might not be posting so often because my laptop computer killed itself. In the botttom right hand corner of the flip-up portion (just below the screen) a small superhot white spark developed inside and burnt through
the plastic. Fortunately I was at home when this happened- but I turned
it on this morning again and the hole, which looks like a hot nail has
been poked through- just kept smoking so I turned it off, computer is
still working, but the screen is completely dead, and if it is giving
off toxic smoke I can't exactly just hook it up to another monitor...
sad. and there is no reason- I mean, nothing that would've directly
caused this that I can think of. Seems like a old-age defect.

Maybe it is a good thing. A break. So I can get sucked into the radio instead.


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