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Post Titled: Nur Original ist Legal
Post Subtitled: "It doesn't schädigt the beschissene filmindustrie that much, a'ight!"
when I rent a movie or even a "film" at al local video store it often has the following intro:

Ok. Sick of it. Hier are a few random reasons why it "It doesn't schädigt the beschissene filmindustrie that much, a'ight!" which is what my brain shouted at the telly last time I saw it. Here is the reason:
The Fifth Element example:
a. 1997:saw the Fifth Element MULTIPLE times in the theatre, initially because I saw a very brief and poor quality preview on tv in Paris and was convinced that David Bowie was in it. Turned out to be Gary Oldman. Fair enough. Ok, seeing the Fifth Element in the theatre multiple times: (converted from Deutsch Mark) let's say: €25
b. bought the Fifth Element in 1997 on VHS- $17.99 (?€17.99? when it was €1 to $1?)
c. 1998, bought the Fifth Element on DVD when I moved to Seattle for college. I think it was like $24.99 or $36.99, DVDs were new. There were only a few titles out. (Defintely paid $36.99 for Trainspotting.)
d. somewhere along the way, that DVD was lost or borrowed in the dorms and never returned. mmh. karma- whatever, my copy of the Big Lebowski actually belongs to a girl I barely knew. point it, I think I actually rented the Fifth Element 2 or 3 times, with late fees that is a good solid $10-12.
e.FF to 2005, the Special Edition of the Fifth Element comes out, it is $27.99. I buy it two days after it is released. six months later it is the casualty of a break up- left in Ms. Scott's apt.
f. 2006:I move back to Germany and buy an effing Region 2 copy of the Fifth Element on DVD because I no longer even own a copy of it in ANY form, not even Region 1, which wouldn't play in our Germn DVD player anyhow. The most recent purchase is very bad quality, but only cost €7,99...

SO, all in all... I have spent at least - shit, I dunno, approx €108 ($168.317 at today's exchange rate) on the film -a.k.a. A LOT of EFFING money on the Fifth Element, not to mention the ton of word-of-mouth marketing I have provided over the past 11 years.
Furthermore, the Fifth Element is NOT an isolated case. Similar things happened with Annie Hall, Trainspotting, The Ninth Gate and Lord of the Rings.
Not to mention that if I rent a movie, fall asleep, ten rack up €5,10 in late fees- which happens- and STILL haven't finished the movie, don't I have the right to download it for free at theat point?
-I mean, life is hectic.
and and and why are police and tax dollars going towards beings Hollywood's thugs?
arrrgh... so, here is my little post which justifies me downloading movies off the internet. oh, and another reason is that many films I download never even make it to Europe, so- if the only way I can watch them is to download them- can you blame me? no, no: blame distribution and marketing.


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Anonymous Dan said...

The Ninth (feels like it should Nineth...) Gate is crazy... I saw it once on TV when drunk, became quite confused, then got to the end with "directed by Roman Polanski" and thought, that explains it.

Not as crazy as The Fountain, though.

1:57 pm  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

the Ninth Gate is one of my favorite movies... the problem is that it is a BAD movie, and I always reccommend it or force people to watch it and then they come with "that movie wasreally bad..." BUT there are several things that have sucked me into watching it over 25- (maybe 30?) times:

1.the silliness of the rampant bibliophelia. the serious siliness of it

2.the LOCATIONS!: an old bookshop in "New York" (obviously not NY because polanskit cannot enter the country)!; Johnny Depps crap bachelor pad, also in "NY"; an old bookshop in portugal, an old office building in Paris, old hotel in Paris where you cna bribe the staff; trains of Europe; crumbling French mansion; charming French countryside, etc. etc.
3.the absolute kitschy comic-ness of the charachters and their interaction.
4.Emmanuelle Seigner
5.Emmanuelle Seigner
6.Emmanuelle Seigner

10:22 am  

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